Human shield

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Overheard while crossing a busy street today: “The safest way to cross the street is get behind a big guy – like him – ’cause he’ll absorb all the impact if a car crashes.”



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Height/Weight combinations – all shapes and sizes.

Living large

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I am now within 5 pounds of my highest weight ever.

On an unrelated note, have you ever lightly salted a chocolate chip cookie? Yummmm.

Dangerous in bed

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I recently broke my air-bed (I sat on the edge and one of the internal baffles blew out). In the previous 20 years, I broke a futon bed frame, a queen-size bed frame, and a king-size bed frame. All on accident, and it’s not like I was jumping in bed or doing acrobatics. I do tend to throw myself onto furniture, though…

“The Good Guy” (Dean Koontz)

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A quick read that will be enjoyable to Koontz fans.

The second paragraph of the book contrasts the protagonist with a delicate mayfly skating on the water:

At six foot three, weighing two hundred ten pounds, with big hands and bigger feet, Timothy Carrier could not maintain a profile as low as that of a skating mayfly…

And when in a hotel room with a woman on the run from a psychopathic hit man:

His reflection in the glass dismayed him. He looked like a bear. A big, clumsy disheveled, clueless bear. No wonder she kept her eyes closed.

(Before you start feeling sorry for Tim: he’s a past & present hero, and settles down with the girl in the end.)

One point though….6′ 3″, 210lbs, and the text implies that the guy is a giant ???  😉

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